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Taki simply wake up from a fantasy that appeared to be essential. In any case, when it rises, he finds that he is not in his room and that, in addition, it is in the body of a young lady! In parallel, Mitsuha awakens changed into a secondary school understudy, while she is a youthful youngster from a residential community in the mountains. His fantasy has dependably been resurrected into a good looking kid from Tokyo and now it appears that he has satisfied… to the detriment of Taki, with who has exchanged his body. In any case, when they wake up, they find are again in their previous selves. Be that as it may, the fantasy will do that you go changing over and over, rehashing the example once a day, while they act giving visually impaired sticks on bodies that appear to be so bizarre to them. Little by little, they start to impart through notes thus fumblingly, are defeating the difficulties that emerge in both lives. Along these lines, the connection with gets to be something more. What they don’t know is that something surprising is going to be uncovered.

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