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American Made

Decade of 1980. After having worked as a pilot for TWA, the largest U.S. airline, Barry Seal (Tom Cruise) becomes a drug trafficker, and is later recruited by the CIA to carry out intelligence work. Mena tells the story of this former pilot who was in charge of one of the most important covert operations CIA in the history of the United States. This feat, which managed to seize several members of the Medellín cartel, came close to provoke the fall of the Government of the White House during the Presidency of Ronald Reagan, because of the Irangate scandal. This film of action and thriller is directed by Doug Liman (the edge of tomorrow, hunting the spy, The Bourne Identity: the Bourne case) and starring Tom Cruise (Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, mission: impossible – secret nation, Oblivion). Complete the cast Sarah Wright (Men at Work, Parks and Recreation), Domhnall Gleeson (the reborn, Star Wars: the awakening of the force), Jesse Plemons (Fargo, the bridge of spies), Lola Kirke (Mozart in the Jungle, Mistress America) and Jayma Mays (The Millers, Glee).

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